B2.1 – Drink of the Night: Tee?

B2.1 – Drink of the Night: Tea?

Under the pseudonym B2.1 INFUSED VODKA, our B 2.1 Raspberry Lavender tea shows its exciting and mysterious side.

What makes B2.1 INFUSED VODKA so special? It is elegant, tangy, intense at the same time and enriches the taste buds with an intense flavor explosion.

His character? Well tolerated - if the vodka mixture is right, because opposites don't always attract that much. However, you can also freely introduce B2.1 INFUSED VODKA to your inner circle.

Sure thing: you will love him.

Go for it! It's time for something exciting.

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For B2.1 Infused Vodka (6 drinks) you need:


  1. The day before, halve lemons and squeeze juice. Put B2.1 Raspberry, vodka and lemon juice in a container and let it steep overnight.
  2. The next day, add raspberries, stir and let sit for at least 1 hour.
  3. Pour infused vodka into glasses and top with tonic. Then garnish with fresh berries if desired.


B2.1 Raspberry Lavender
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