Es wird ziemlich heiß!

It's getting pretty hot!

Summer is just around the corner, we've already had a few hot days and according to the weather forecast it won't disappoint. A hot summer is ahead of us.
A summer that we will probably spend more in our own garden or on the balcony than usual.
We have used the last few weeks to give our gardens or balconies a facelift.
We finally had the time to make everything particularly beautiful. We have completed long-planned or overdue garden work and the new balcony furniture has already been delivered.

The first flowers are blooming and the mint is already sprouting in the newly planted raised bed. And because it's so beautiful now, it's not a bad idea to spend your vacation there.

So we've already decided what our travel hotspots are this year. In addition to the classic “Balkonia”, very popular “travel destinations” include “Las Coronas”, “Costa Coronia” and the “Garden State”.

This year the journey will at least be short and relaxed.

So everything is ready for the perfect summer at home!

What was still missing was the perfect drink for chilling in a deck chair or as an accompaniment to a barbecue evening with friends and family.

Something refreshing, a drink that always fits, is quick and for which you don't need any bartender training. A drink that you can't get enough of, that doesn't contain any alcohol and that also looks great.

May we introduce: Our non-alcoholic summer cocktail favorite this year is the Skeisan H1.1 Hugo.

For 4 drinks you need:

200 ml Skeisan H1.1. Mint eucalyptus
40 ml elderflower syrup
200 ml soda, alternatively mineral water
4 tbsp lime juice
4 lime slices
crushed ice

Take 1 teaspoon of H1.1 Mint Eucalyptus, pour it into 200 ml of boiling water and let it steep for 10 minutes. Pour the tea through a sieve into a carafe and let it cool. Add the elderflower syrup, lime juice and soda to the cold tea.

Distribute 2 spoons each of crushed ice and fresh mint into 4 tea tumblers and pour the drink over it. Decorate the drinks with a lime wedge.

You can find the tea, the tea tumblers, the strainer and a pot in our shop!

We wish you many hot summer days with a cool drink in your hand!

Your Skeisan team

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