Treffen sich Himbeere, Schokolade und schwarzer Tee am Muttertag…..

Raspberry, chocolate and black tea meet on Mother's Day...

We are sure that time together is the most beautiful thing you can give away.
Nevertheless, something homemade is always well received by mothers. We agree on that, right?
That's why we have developed a recipe for homemade tea truffles for you.
A little explosion of enjoyment that will definitely make a difference and will impress your mother both culinary and visually.

Don't worry, it's a really easy recipe!
Something that everyone can have the courage to try. And making your own truffle pralines is definitely different than baking a cake.
But it's not the least bit more difficult and probably even quicker to make than most baked goods.
So, let's impress the mothers!

The main actors of our truffle pralines are:
Dark chocolate, our B2.1 Raspberry Lavender, cream and, if you like, some raspberry spirit.

The supporting cast that perfects it are:
Raspberry fruit powder or cocoa with lavender flowers.

Raspberry, lavender and chocolate – WOW!

A fantastic combination: tart notes of black tea, sweet raspberries and then lightly scented with fine lavender. Wow!
When we chose our B2.1 at one of our many tastings, we knew straight away that we had to include it in our range. We were looking for something like this, special types of tea that surprise.

In our opinion, processing these flavors in a truffle and refining them with dark chocolate was a really good idea.
A little tip from us: Make double the amount, once you've tried a truffle you'll know why - #thankmelater

For tipsy truffles, simply add some raspberry spirit. You can also leave out the raspberry spirit and just add the fruity touch to the truffles with our tea and raspberry powder.
And of course these truffle pralines are also suitable for any other occasion.

You can find our black tea B2.1 Raspberry Lavender in our shop under category Black.

We hope you enjoy making them, giving them away and eating them.
Feel free to leave us a comment, we are always happy to receive your feedback on our recipes!

Raspberry Lavender Truffles

250 g dark chocolate
130 g cream
2 tsp B2.1
Optional: 1 teaspoon raspberry spirit

100 g raspberry fruit powder or cocoa
½ tsp dried lavender flowers


Chop the chocolate very finely.

Bring the cream to the boil. Add 2 teaspoons of B2.1, let it steep for 5 minutes, then pour through a sieve. Optionally add the raspberry spirit. While it is still hot, pour over the finely chopped chocolate and stir until the chocolate has dissolved.

Let the mixture cool in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.
Scoop out small portions with a teaspoon and roll them into round truffles between your hands.

Grind the dried lavender flowers very finely in a mortar. Mix with the raspberry powder or cocoa and roll the truffles in it.

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