Come Summer, Come!!!

Come Summer, Come!!!

Oh, how nice it was when we hung our winter jackets far away, a T-shirt was completely sufficient and our pale winter skin was warmed by the sun's rays. Over 20 degrees in March gave us the first freckles of the year and we wanted this spring to never end, at least until summer replaces it and goes even further.

But unfortunately we were quickly proven wrong and a drop in temperature and snow quickly catapulted us into the reality of April. “April, April, he does what he wants! “A saying that is always heard quickly and often and that at some point you no longer want to hear.

Every year you can't wait until winter finally disappears and the dreary gray is replaced by the bright light of the sun, everything starts to bloom, nature explodes and the world around us shines in its most beautiful colors.

Somehow you also have the feeling that winter is passing directly into summer here, not that that's a bad thing, but the "transitional jacket" item of clothing is actually superfluous in our regions, isn't it? So let's wait and see when winter turns directly into summer again, we don't have any other choice, like every year.

But at least we can shorten the waiting time with a cool drink that reminds us of summer and practice for the hot days.

With that in mind, have fun with our Mango Tea Caipirinha.

Your Yve von Skeisan


Ingredients for a Mango Tea Caipirinha

20 ml 2.1 Mango Rubarb tea

6 cl cachaca

1 pc lime

2 tbsp brown cane sugar

5 tbsp crushed ice


Cut off both ends of the lime, cut into eighths and place in a tumbler glass. Distribute the brown sugar over it and squeeze the lime pieces with a pestle. Add tea and cachaca. Fill the glass with crushed ice and stir well. You can find the tea and the Tumblr in our shop.

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