Let´s have a Party!

Let´s have a Party!

The Sir Walter – the Address in Düsseldorf

Our last club visit was a while ago, it could have been February. It feels like we're all somehow stuck in February, it's hard to believe it's already July! We would definitely like to spend a night in our favorite club again.

This favorite club is called Sir Walter, it belongs to the Düsseldorf restaurateur and visionary Walid el Sheikh, a man who revitalized Düsseldorf's nightlife.

The legendary Sir Walter is THE address for good drinks and lavish party nights, it could just as easily be in the Big Apple and be part of a “Sex and the City” episode in which Miranda is at the bar with a Cosmopolitan.

We danced the night away there and watched the hustle and bustle of the Düsseldorf party scene. From the spectacular, illuminated bar with a good cocktail in your hand, you have the best view of the colorful crowd. Beautiful people in party clothes meet casual hipsters and international business people from all over the world.
A real melting pot, we love it!

So definitely put Sir Walter on your “To Do” list if you are visiting Düsseldorf and want to turn night into day or simply like good drinks.

Very soon we will be able to enjoy the bartenders' drinks again and support our local heroes, partying the night away with all the freedom that we have learned to appreciate even more.

Cool drink with mango-rhubarb green tea and vodka

Until then, we mix ourselves a delicious drink, invite our friends over and indulge in one or two anecdotes from past party nights.
This is how we pass the time until the gates of Sir Walter open again.

Try our delicious mango rhubarb drink with vodka.
A cool drink that is light and fruity thanks to our G 2.1 Mango Rhubarb and is perfectly rounded off with vodka and mint.

Ingredients for a drink:

· 40 ml vodka

· 20 ml lime juice

· 20 ml G 2.1 Mango Rhubarb (pour according to instructions, strain and chill)

· 40 ml mango juice

· 1 tsp cane sugar


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Shake and strain into a tumbler
You can find the tea and tublers in our shop.

Have fun mixing, serving and of course drinking yourself!
See you in the club...

Your Skeisan team

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